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Career Advising

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Explore the best career guidance tailored to the security and defense industry at Halo Group International's Career Advising Division. Our team consists of experienced professionals who are actively working in armed and unarmed security CONUS and OCONUS, executive protection, defense, and cybersecurity fields, ready to help you reach new heights in your career.

Get personalized mentoring as we pair you with a dedicated advisor who not only understands your goals and career path but is currently working in it. Halo Group International is the only company offering a comprehensive career advisory package designed to accelerate your success in the security and defense industry.

We specialize in giving you the knowledge and skills to stand out in the competitive security market. We assess your strengths and weaknesses to create a tailored development plan, providing you with clear steps to become a highly recognized security professional.

This is a one stop shop, we will review your resume, review your bio, provide you companies to apply to, provide direct recruiter contact info, provide you with schools and courses to attend, guard card contacts, training contacts, and much more tailored to you and your goals.

With a vast global network of over 2500 industry insiders, we provide access to valuable insights and connections, giving you a competitive edge in the security industry. Boost your career with Halo Group International, where excellence is guaranteed.

At the Office

Our Process

Discover, Develop, Succeed

Free Consultation: Kick off with a complimentary 15-minute call to understand your goals. 

Payment & Document Creation: After deciding to proceed, make a payment. We'll craft your personalized document within 48 hours. 

Review & Preparation: Take 48 hours to review the document thoroughly and prepare questions.

In-Depth Discussion: Schedule a detailed call where we delve into all aspects of the document and address your queries.  

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